SHUTTLE DEPARTURES  Local Shared shuttle departures are required to reserved two days before departure. We strongly recommend a round-trip service in advance. According to the terms of service agreed to at reservation La Paz, Todos Santos, or Los Barriles tickets are not refundable, cannot be rescheduled, or transferable to another person – the sale is final.**ALL PRICES USD** Once completed we send a receipt to your email with all transfer details within minutes! *SHUTTLE PRICING is shown per person, per trip. Grocery stops and Car seats are not available in shared shuttles nor are pets, emotional support animals, golf bags or extra luggage. If you select a shared shuttle to a non-resort location the shuttle will drop you off at the security gate as entry is not permitted to many private communities. Please note that there might be a wait time of 15 to 60+ minutes after checking in at the shuttle at SJD airport. Shuttles usually stop at 2-3 hotels, but never more than 5.

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