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Los Cabos Airport Transportation

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Los Cabos Airport TransfersSJD Airport to RESORT NAME

We offer shuttle service from Cabo Airport to all resorts in Los Cabos. We also offer transportation from Cabo Airport in private vehicles to all locations in Cabo San Lucas.  All airport transportation services are provided in a newer, comfortable vehicles, and always driven by a professional licensed and, insured bilingual driver.


Your driver concierge will handle everything you need with your luggage. This includes loading and unloading. We meet you outside the Cabo Airport and have your name on a sign (if a private transfer) or, if a shuttle service we provide you with a voucher in email before you arrive in Cabo.

Private Airport Transportation

All our private airport transportation allows for maximum comfort and is not shared transport or shuttle. The entire vehicle os for your party only. We pick-up at the Cabo Airport and greet you with cold beer and water. You are quickly taken directly to your resort, hotel or private villa. If needed, we can also make stops along the way to your destination at a shopping market, Walmart or Costco so you can get groceries for your vacation.

Shared Shuttle Transfers

If you elect a more economical way to get to your resort shared shuttle vans are the best way. These depart from Cabo Airport every :20-:40 minutes and are never more than 4 stops to your destination. The vans only seat 10 passengers and we are quick, yet safe, to get you to your vacation in Cabo fast.


Book Transportation from Cabo Airport

When arriving at SJD or Los Cabos Airport our representative will be waiting for outside the exit. They will have your name on a sign and will assist you with all luggage. You’ll be escorted you to your air-conditioned vehicle where we’ll have cold water and beer waiting. When it is time to return home from your resort we’ll pick you up and bring you back to the Cabo airport.


Cabo Transportation Telephone
Mexico +52 624-130-6994
USA 248-582-9239

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